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Formed in Vallejo, California in the 1950's, The Viscaynes were a high school doo-wop group who are said to be the first recorded singing group of Sylvester Stewart (aka Sly Stone), and the launching point of his extensive career. The group gained some early notoriety with a performance on Dick Stewart's Dance Party, after which they were introduced to producer George Motola. Charting on KYA radio's top 60 chart in 1961, "Yellow Moon" became a hit song for The Viscaynes, though they split up around the time of the song's popularity. "The Viscaynes & Friends" is the first official full-length release from the group, coming to light only after a master tape reel was discovered more than half a century since the group disbanded. The release features seven tracks from Sly and The Viscaynes, along with one cut from the The Individuals and two from The Precisions, all of which were produced by Motola.

1. Help Me With My Broken Heart
2. Without Success
3. You've Forgotten Me
4. Yellow Moon
5. Mama Told Me
6. You're My Only Love
7. A Long Time Alone
8. Uncle Sam Needs You
9. Heavenly Angel
10. Eight Reasons Why

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