Gareth Sager Quartet

Ghost Ship Trance Lamentations


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Ghost Ship Trance Lamentations is the latest full-length album from Gareth Sager. While best known for his work with The Pop Group, Rip Rig + Panic, and Head, the new album showcases Sager's formidable skills as a pianist and composer. Recorded in Studio 1 at the famous Abbey Road studios, Ghost Ship Trance Lamentations finds Sager backed by bassist Debs Spanton, cellist Lisa Watchorn, and frequent collaborator Dave Wright on saxophone. The quartet creates a lush and soothing sonic palette across 15 piano-driven miniatures. Ghost Ship Trance Lamentations will be available on vinyl and CD beginning July 15th from ORG Music.

Side A:
Miniature - 5
Miniature - 9
Miniature - 1
Miniature - 4
Miniature - 15
Miniature - 10
Miniature - 2

Side B:
Miniature - 3
Miniature - 13
Miniature - 8
Miniature - 6
Miniature - 14
Miniature - 20
Miniature - 19
Miniature - 7

Album Release Date is July 15th

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