Dot Hacker’s ‘How’s Your Process? (Work)’ is Out Now

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LA based Dot Hacker has release part one of their highly anticipated sophomore album How’s Your Process? (Work) today. The album streamed exclusively at Billboard last week – who referred to the album as having “piercing hooks and transfixing arrangements.” The next segment – How’s Your Process? (Play) – is set to release on October 7.

There are several options for physical copies available, including a Limited Edition Colored 12″ Vinyl LP (limited to 200). The album is also available at digital outlets worldwide, including iTunes and Amazon.

We recorded a lot of songs over the last year with the intention of making a single full length album. We never actually expected that all of them would make the final sequence. However, we quickly realized there was nothing we felt should be left off.” – Clint Walsh in a recent interview with Billboard.