Michael Nau: Less Ready To Go

Maryland-based singer/songwriter Michael Nau just dropped his latest album, Less Ready To Go, as a surprise digital release via his Bandcamp page.  We’re happy to report that the physical editions of this beautiful album will be available on ORG Music beginning November 15th. The vinyl pressing is a co-release with our good friends at PIAPTK Recordings. You can pre-order the LP and CD now from our online store, or pick it up at your local indie record store in November.

On the heels of his 2018 album, Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread, Nau’s latest effort incorporates his unique blend of psychedelic folk, R&B, and indie rock, and features incredible collaborators like Whitney McGraw (Cotton Jones), Andrew Dost (fun.), Zach Miller (Dr. Dog), Benny Yurco (Grace Potter & the Nocturnals), Seth Kauffman (Floating Action), and Scott McMicken (Dr. Dog), who also served as producer.

Nau says of the album:

“We recorded these songs at hi-dez in Joshua Tree. It happened quickly.  For each song, we’d do a live take, then switch instruments & do a live overdub on top. It was a fresh way to work. Going in, I was sure I had at least one song to do – we started there, and a couple days later it felt like a record was finished. I got scooped up by whatever happened those couple days – felt good to be moving. Any time I try to contrast one record, or process, from the previous one, it becomes more clear that it’s all pretty much the same thing. I think I’ve been ‘working on an album’ every day for the last 12 years, yet I always feel underprepared. I’m lucky to get to make music with people who’s energy can supersede my self doubt. That’s the thread through all this.”

1 Hoops
2 Boomtappin
3 Poor Condition
4 Fade Shade
5 Grow My Wave
6 2 Powers
7 Look Into Dance
8 Maybe Just Don’t
9 Be Smiling When You Can