Phil Ranelin

Infinite Expressions (Digital Download)


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Album Release date is October 8th
Renowned trombonist and co-founder of Detroit's famed TRIBE Records, Phil Ranelin, is back with his first album in a decade. A master trombonist of the J.J. Johnson tradition, Ranelin’s career has spanned over five decades with ten records as a solo artist, four as a Freddie Hubbard sideman, session recordings for Motown, and work with artists ranging from Stevie Wonder and Ella Fitzgerald to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Telefon Tel Aviv. At 82 years old, Ranelin proves that he still has much to offer with “Infinite Expressions”, a work that showcases his unique style both as a player and composer. Includes digital download.

1. Spirit of Dolphy
2. Infinite Expressions
3. In the Time Being
4. One More Blues
5. In Time With The Times (Movements 1-7)
6. Blues For Paula
7. A Weaver of Dreams
8. One More Blues