William Hooker

Big Moon (Digital Download)


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Album Release Date is September 24th
Over 60 releases and 44 years into his career as a jazz drummer and composer, William Hooker has made (arguably) his best album yet during the pandemic in 2020, a follow up to his critically acclaimed 2019 album “Symphonie of Flowers". Clocking in at 83 minutes in total (depending on the format you’re listening to), “Big Moon” is as expansive as it is groundbreaking. With a reputation as one of the most innovative composers and drummers of his generation, for those in the know, Hooker does not disappoint on this latest work. Supported by a dynamic group of players which varies throughout the piece, Hooker weaves elements of spiritual and avant-garde jazz with tropical rhythms through eleven movements of the meditative journey that is “Big Moon”; a work that should be ingested and contemplated as one body of work. The release was mastered by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering.

1. Stations of Power
2. Right Speech
3. Ring-Pass-Not
4. Major Planetary Centres
5. Seven Rays
6. Sequence of the Form
7. Synthesis of Understanding
8. The Council Chamber
9. Extra-Planetary Livingness