They say good things come to those who wait. One could guess that six years could be a substantial enough time to play the waiting game. So for those who remember 400 Blows (they never really went anywhere), you’ll be glad to know they are returning with the slobberknocker of a full length that is “Sickness & Health,” their first album in the six year gap that comes flying like a bat out of hell since the release of 2005′s “Angel’s Trumpets and Devil’s Trombones.”

One could simply take the easy way out and declare 400 Blows as a “loud, fast and ass-kicking band,” but like fine wine, good things come with age. These Los Angeles agent provocateurs of all that is loud have created an offspring that could be the hideous outcome and unruly spawn of an experiment gone completely awry, an example of what happens when splicing the DNA of Big Business, The Circle Jerks, Helmet and godheadSilo occurs.

  • After a six-year hiatus, 400 Blows returns with Sickness and Health, a release that’s sure to excite fans.
  • LP pressed on high quality European vinyl and includes entire album download
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