“We are Capgun Coup. We hail from the center of the United States in a little big town known as Omaha, Nebraska. Our group formed as an experiment in a basement like so many before us. Sam Martin (vocals/guitar) and Greg Elsasser (keys/ guitar) wanted nothing more than to tinker and tailor sounds to please their ears. Eventually we wanted to take our creations to the stage and recruited Eric Ohlsson (drums), Jesse Mckelvey (guitar), and Sean Pratt (bass). We have now been creating melodies and moods together for over 5 years and can’t conceive of ever stopping. Our latest experiment is an album of fuzzy-sweet pop songs we recorded at our home in the sleepy midwest. The songs reflect a struggle to “keep it together” in these times of great resource and even greater despondence and apathy. We hope these songs can serve as a reflective tool to anyone seeking one. we hope these sounds that we love to make will find someone to love them back. Or you can always just suck on the sorrow juice, turn it up all the way and see if the speakers can shake the boredom out of you. Either way we hope you enjoy it.” – Capgun Coup

  • Capgun Coup’s debut ORG Music release.
  • Includes 18 panel fold-out poster
  • Shrink wrap is screen printed by the band
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