Grunge is dead. It died in the 1990’s. And while some may argue the benefits of the rise and fall of grunge scene, it’s passing allows the interested listener to move beyond the mainstream bands that were popular at the time and find some very important music. Back in a shadowy corner of the Alternative Rock cemetery, an old but well cared for tombstone breaks through the trimmed grass. Carved into the polished stone, is one word: Failure, followed by the dates 1990-1997. The band, based in L.A., used elements of east and west coast independent rock to create a hard driving yet creative sound that influenced many of it’s contemporaries and continues to inspire today. For Failure’s first album, 1992’s Comfort, the band enlisted producer Steve Albini.

Pulling from post-rock turn of the decade favorites like Jawbox and mixing it with a heavy dose of west coast power and melody, Comfort starts of beautifully and doesn’t stop. Eschewing any kitschy tags or funny gimmicks, Failure exudes the 90’s sound. Hard edged guitar chords and arpeggios ring past the thumping drums and driving bass never forgetting about the melody and where it’s taking the song. Ken Andrews and Greg Edwards, the driving force behind the band and guitar and bass players (both did some of each) were immediately recognized by critics and music lovers as a great force in alternative rock. And while Comfort did not lead to any kind of world domination, it certainly got them a nice shady corner in the cemetery for the next generation to pay their respects.

  • Released for the first time on vinyl in the USA, Failure’s debut was produced by Steve Albini (Nirvana).
  • Re-Mastered for the first time in over a decade
  • First time on vinyl in the US
  • Pressed on heavy, high quality European vinyl
  • Produced by Steve Albini
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