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Having settled in after a bidding war sent the band to Interscope Records, Helmet didn’t waste any time hitting the studio with noise super producer Steve Albini. Meantime was tight, focused and unrelenting. The songwriting was more refined and straightforward than the bands previous effort, unapologetic hook grabbed the listener and the individual instruments were more defined. Albini’s signature big drum sound gave the album a wide plot to stand on while the non-stop punishing riffs threatened to drive the album right off a cliff. The first single and hit heavy-alternative anthem “Unsung” was instrumental in sending the album straight to top of the radio and MTV playlists and helped the album to achieve Gold status. Worldwide, the album sold over 2 million copies and helped to carve out a nice place for heavier music in the sea of grunge and alterna-rock clones of the era. An early 90’s classic, Meantime stands with the other legendary records of it’s day as a great influence on the decade and heavy music in general.