With Nirvana–mania at its height in the fall of 1992, fans were chomping at the bit for more music from Kurt Cobain and company. To appease the rabid fans until releasing In Utero the following year and curbing some of the bootlegging and high collector pricing, Nirvana released Insesticide – a not quite complete yet dynamic and well rounded collection of tracks pulled from B-sides, demos, compilations, live performances, and hard to find singles.

Songs like the poppy “Sliver” and the album ender, a live version of the Smells like Teen Spirit B-side, “Aneurysm,” serve as great examples of the transition the band made from their debut album Bleach to the legendary Nevermind. But even the pre-Bleach demos, like “Aero Zepplin,” reveal a songwriting quality well beyond the bands age, not just hinting at what was to come, but announcing it with conviction.

Meticulously remastered for vinyl from the original analog tapes and pressed on audiophile 180 gram vinyl at Pallas in Germany, this is the finest sounding edition of “Incesticide” ever released on vinyl.