Do you feel well? How does it feel to hear that, to ask yourself that? Well, it’s felt weird to me for a long time. If I hear about how you’re feeling, or am asked about mine, I barely know what you’re talking about. I don’t feel well.

This is a wild time. This album was made during and amongst some very new experiences. I hope it captures some of how it felt durning this period. I’ll feel better when this is behind us.


Available digitally and on CD beginning October 16th. Vinyl formats on sale starting December 11th. Black vinyl widely available and limited edition gold vinyl available only via our online store.

Track Listing

A1 Red Don’t Feel
A2 The Night Won’t Scare Me
A3 Carry
A4 The Report
A5 Steal Away
B1 Mother Nature
B2 Knowing You
B3 Plank
B4 Don’t Have To
B5 I Hear You

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