Usually representing a bad omen, 1985’s Bad Moon Rising, Sonic Youth’s second full length LP is exactly the opposite. Thick into the New York City No Wave noise rock scene, the band was maturing quickly past it’s contemporaries and showing a promise that they had more to say than loud feedback and alternately tuned noise abominations. Those aspects are still present here, but beneath the swirling vortex of sounds and tribal drumming lie subtle melodies, lurking in the shadows and challenging the listener to find them.

Each song segues to the next, connected by layers of feedback and atonal sounds, all leading to the albums powerful closer. Inspired by the Manson Family murders and co-written by the band with NYC scene mainstay Lydia Lunch, “Death Valley ‘69” is a culmination of what the band had been working for. A crushing blast of guitar riffs with more traditional drumming driving the chaos into a hybrid of alternative rock and the noise roots that the band would become known for. The song serves as a great ending to a wild ride, and a perfect lead in to the next stage in the bands story.

  • Bad Moon Rising was a leap forward for Sonic Youth and is a fantastic journey into the band’s early sound.
  • Mastered from original analog tapes by John Golden Mastering
  • Pressed in Germany by Pallas on audiophile grade 180g vinyl
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