EVOL marks a major turning point for Sonic Youth. A turn towards more traditional rock song structure, helped tremendously by the straight forward, no-nonsense style of new drummer Steve Shelley, and the move to west coast punk rock label SST, helped propel the band into the spotlight in the mid ‘80’s independent rock scene. From the first jarringly beautiful chords of “Tom Violence”, through the mysteries of “Shadow Of A Doubt” and “Green Light” to the outro of “Expressway To Yr Skull”, a song Neil Young has called the greatest guitar song ever written, Sonic Youth crafts a beautiful journey of light and darkness, of joy and pain, of love and EVOL, paving a clear path toward the critic and fan favorites Sister and Daydream Nation.

  • EVOL is a masterpiece and proved that Sonic Youth was a force to be reckoned with in the songwriting dept.
  • Mastered from original analog tapes by John Golden Mastering
  • Pressed at RTI on audiophile grade 180g vinyl