Sugar Glyder’s “The Eyes: They See”

Sugar Glyder’s debut studio album, The Eyes: They See, has been out for just over a month now. The album was produced by Steven Haigler (Pixies, Brand New) and mastered by Grammy Award winner, Bernie Grundman. The first 30 CD orders from our store receive signed copies from the band, and they’re running out quick!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out their music video for “Lost In the Woods”, and see what others are saying about the album…

“Sugar Glyder have managed to transport listeners back to the glory days of indie-rock while also providing something fresh and new for us to enjoy.” Infection Magazine 

“Each track on the album stands tall and independent of one another, but combined, they paint a picture of a band that has no musical boundaries.” Shutter 16

“The album takes you on a journey through its unparalleled offbeat compositions and has such a distinctive way to emit its offbeat charm.” Niner Online