Yellow Red Sparks debut album coming 1/29/13

We’re excited to announce the long awaited debut album from Yellow Red Sparks.

Having grown up in Yellow Pine, Idaho, Joshua Hanson’s music is immersed in a sophisticated simplicity; this makes it feel as though his slightly fractured voice is emitting straight from his Western roots. While Joshua has been performing solo for quite some time, the creation of Yellow Red Sparks and erstwhile move to Los Angeles has given him and all of Yellow Red Sparks an outlet they are excited to explore with their eponymous debut on Org Music, coming out on January 29, 2013. This self-titled debut will give introduction to a band that understands the celebration of living in the human condition.

Today Filter has premiered the band’s wistful initial single “Monsters With Misdemeanors”.

The band’s first EP, Four Steps In Corsets, was released in June and is available on iTunes and other digital service providers.