Adam Green: Garfield

Garfield is the debut album from Adam Green (of New York anti-folk group The Moldy Peaches). Originally released in 2002, the record is now available for the first time on vinyl and in its original CD format for the record’s 20 year anniversary. The packaging features unpublished photos and liner notes written by Adam, as well as unreleased demos and live recordings from the early to mid 90’s. The vinyl edition of the album comes as a deluxe double LP packaged in a gatefold jacket, available on both powder blue and standard black vinyl on April 14th.
A1 Apples, I'm Home
A2 My Shadow Tags On Behind
A3 Bartholemew
A4 Mozzarella Swastikas
A5 Dance With Me
A6 Computer Show
A7 Her Father And Her
B1 Baby's Gonna Die Tonight
B2 Times Are Bad
B3 Can You See Me
B4 <Blank>
B5 Dance With Me
B6 Bleeding Heart
B7 Computer Show
C1 Mozzarella Swastikas (Demo)
C2 Steak For Chicken (Demo)
C3 Bartholemew (Live at Makor)
C4 Love Will Tear Us Apart
C5 Times Are Bad (Demo)
C6 Her Father and Her (Live at Makor)
C7 Let the Kids Want What They Want
D1 Shadow (Live at Sidewalk Cafe)
D2 Computer Show (Live at Pier 54)
D3 Bleeding Heart (Demo)
D4 Crystal Ship
D5 I Wish I Was That Nice (Live at Sidewalk Cafe)
D6 Baby's Gonna Die (Live at Pier 54)
D7 Can You See Me (Live at Makor)