Org Music is a US-based, internationally distributed record label which specializes in vinyl releases and reissues. With over 400 releases to date, we have reissued music from dozens of catalogs, including a wide variety of genres and artists. In addition to reissues, we also release music from a growing roster of new and active artists across all formats.

Org Music works with various independent record labels and catalog groups to reissue their music on vinyl, including ongoing partnerships with Sun Record Company, Black Lion Records, Freedom Records, GHB Jazz Foundation, Delicious Vinyl, and Brunswick Records. We also have frequent collaborations and co-releases with our friends at Record Store DayAquarium Drunkard, and PIAPTK.

Org Music has an extensive global network of distribution partners. We also provide distribution and label services for a number of artists and labels, including Bad Brains Records, Clenchedwrench (Mike Watt), OAR (Overseas Artist Recordings), GHB Jazz Foundation, Headphone Records, and more.

Our primary distribution partners include:

AMPED: US, Mexico, Japan, Australia, New Zealand
F.A.B.: Canada
Proper Music: Europe