Record of the Month

Every month we choose a new record to highlight from our catalog and offer it up for half price. Maybe you're tight on cash, or need an extra nudge to check out a record from a new artist. Either way, it's a great way to add some amazing records to your collection without breaking the bank.
February's Record of the Month is Ghost Ship Trance Lamentations by Gareth Sager.

Ghost Ship Trance Lamentations is the latest full-length album from Gareth Sager. While best known for his work with The Pop Group, Rip Rig + Panic, and Head, the new album showcases Sager's formidable skills as a pianist and composer. Recorded in Studio 1 at the famous Abbey Road studios, Ghost Ship Trance Lamentations finds Sager backed by bassist Debs Spanton, cellist Lisa Watchorn, and frequent collaborator Dave Wright on saxophone. The quartet creates a lush and soothing sonic palette across 15 piano-driven miniatures.

Track List:
Side A:
Miniature - 5
Miniature - 9
Miniature - 1
Miniature - 4
Miniature - 15
Miniature - 10
Miniature - 2

Side B:
Miniature - 3
Miniature - 13
Miniature - 8
Miniature - 6
Miniature - 14
Miniature - 20
Miniature - 19
Miniature - 7