Archie Shepp: There's A Trumpet In My Soul

We are excited to reissue There’s A Trumpet In My Soul, the 1975 album from avant-garde tenor saxophonist Archie Shepp, recorded in April of the same year at Sound Ideas Studio in New York City. The record is comprised of two three-part suites and the 10 minute “Down In Brazil,” among which are two vocal parts and a poem recitation. The outing finds Shepp, then in his musical prime, backed by a stellar group of players which grows to 13 pieces at times. This crew includes Ray Draper (tuba), Charles Greenlee (trombone) Dave Burrell (piano), and Jimmy Garrison (bass), among others.
For the first time since 1979, the record is being reissued on vinyl. This latest addition to Org Music’s Freedom Records reissue series was mastered for vinyl by Dave Gardner and pressed on audiophile-grade vinyl at Pallas Group in Germany. Preorder your copy now, available June 30th.
Track Listing:

A1 Suite: There's A Trumpet In My Soul Suite (Part One)
1) There's A Trumpet In My Soul
2) Samba Da Rua
3) Zaid (Part One)
A2 Down In Brazil

B1 Suite: There's A Trumpet In My Soul Suite (Part Two)
1) Zaid (Part Two)
2) It Is The Year Of The Rabbit
3) Zaid (Part Three)