Augustus Pablo: Thriller

Available now! Augustus Pablo's Thriller (originally a RSD Black Friday 2022 release) has been repressed on black vinyl.
Thriller is the 1975 album from Augustus Pablo, the reggae visionary who popularized the use of the melodica in the genre. As the founder of multiple labels, he was a crucial part of invigorating the burgeoning dub reggae scene in its early days. The record’s warm, mellow sound makes for a breezy and hypnotic listen, perfectly paired with a jazz cigarette.
This new variant is available wherever you buy vinyl, and features updated artwork from D. Norsen. Pick up a copy here!
Track Listing:
A1 Thriller
A2 Pablo in Red
A3 Pablo Style
A4 Last of the Jestering
A5 Striker
B1 Pablo Nuh Jester
B2 Fat Girl Jean
B3 Marcus Garvey
B4 Rocky Road
B5 Skibo Rock