Bad Brains Records: Remaster & Reissue Campaign

We are ecstatic to finally announce that Org Music has the honor and pleasure to work with the mighty Bad Brains to remaster and reissue their seminal releases via their own Bad Brains Records imprint. It's truly an incredible feeling to see the masters finally coming back to the band. It’s been a long journey, often akin to a treasure hunt, uncovering lost master tapes, unreleased recordings, never before seen photos, and archives from decades past. See below for more information, and head over to to view the entire Bad Brains Records catalog. 

Bad Brains recently regained control of their masters and have launched Bad Brains Records, the new home for all recordings owned and controlled by the band, including the vast majority of their 1980’s output. All releases are being restored and remastered with care by Dave Gardner of Infrasonic Mastering, with production overseen by Org Music. 

With the help of the band, Org Music and Dave Gardner spent over a year tracking down the best possible audio sources for each title, including many original tapes that were previously thought to be lost for good. Each title will receive a standard (black) vinyl release and limited edition color vinyl release, with many also available on CD and cassette. More titles will be added to the series as Bad Brains regains control of additional masters. Check out the full catalog and pre-order the first batch of releases here.

On the campaign...

Daryl Jenifer, original and long-standing Bad Brains bassist:
“Hey what’s up Bad Brains family - Darryl Jenifer here. I’m proud to announce to you the blessings and return of all Bad Brains master rights / recordings to Bad Brains and out of Babylonian captivity. These rights and other items include master reels, recently discovered photos, and etc. Thanks to JAH and all involved in this glorious feat. Stay tuned for the “re-everything” involved in all of our NINE studio albums and more. Big UP to Org Music for their faith, hard work, and dedication to BAD BRAINS RECORDS WE GOT THAT PMA 2020 and beyond.”

Dave Gardner (Chief Mastering Engineer-Los Angeles, Infrasonic Mastering):
"Bad Brains changed my life. The moment I first heard them (while skateboarding of course), It was as if a door opened and I was flooded by a sense of what could be. Bad Brains simply altered the direction and perspective on how I heard and saw the world.  35 years later I still own the copy of Rock for Light that I ran out and bought that afternoon. It is my incredible honor to work on this project, and to bring these incredible pieces of cultural history back to print in a manner that they so richly deserve. With the masters back in the bands hands and working from the original sources I cannot wait for people to hear these records as they should be heard. On vinyl. Painstakingly restored, remastered and lovingly cut on our custom Neumann Lathes here at Infrasonic. I am truly humbled."


Initial highlights from the series:

Rock For Light: Our reissue will use the original mix of the album, as the band originally intended, making it the first legitimate pressing of this version in decades. Most fans will be more familiar with the 1991 reissue, which was remixed by Ocasek and bass player Darryl Jenifer. That version used an altered track order, significantly different mixes and a speed increase of the master which results in a raising of the pitch by one-half step.

Live at The Fillmore 1982: This will be the first ever physical release of this incredible live recording, on both vinyl and CD. Look out for updated artwork closer to the time of release.

Punk Note Series: Bad Brains Records and Org Music have partnered with designer John Yates (Stealworks) to bring his fictional ‘Punk Note’ series to life. Limited edition color vinyl pressings for each full-length studio album from Bad Brains Records will be reimagined and stylized as a classic Blue Note release. A nod to Reid Miles and Francis Wolff, and their amazing work at the Blue Note label.

Bad Brains Records "Fanzine": Org Music is creating a sixteen page fanzine-style booklet, printed on newsprint, which features never before seen photos, vintage concert flyers, and new writings about the band from contemporaries like Henry Rollins, Chuck Dukowski, Jack Rabid (Big Takeover Magazine), and Jesse Malin. The zine will be available from select independent record stores as a gift with purchase, and from the Bad Brains Records online store.