Daniel Johnston: Fun (30th Anniversary Repress)

We're proud to announce a new aqua color vinyl pressing of Daniel Johnston's 1994 album Fun, in honor of the record's 30th anniversary.
Fun was originally released on Atlantic Records while Johnston was being housed in a mental institution. Featuring some of Daniel's finest songwriting and boasting the most "accessible" sound of his eccentric and deep catalog, producer Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers) eloquently preserves the singer/songwriter's earnest appeal and wraps it in sympathetic musical support. The aspiring cartoonist's playful, symbol-heavy sketches have graced many of his album covers, including Fun.
This new aqua color vinyl variant is coming to stores on June 28th, and is available for pre-order now
A1 Love Wheel
A2 Life In Vain
A3 Crazy Love
A4 Catie
A5 Happy Time
A6 Mind Contorted
A7 Jelly Beans
A8 Foxy Girl
A9 Sad Sac + Tarzan
B1 Psycho Nightmare
B2 Silly Love
B3 Circus Man
B4 Love Will See You Through
B5 Lousy Weekend
B6 Delusion + Confusion
B7 When I Met You
B8 My Little Girl
B9 Rock 'n' Roll / EGA