Dream Sitch: A New Collab From Michael Nau & Seth Kauffman

While there haven’t been many silver linings from the hellish year that has been 2020, we can definitively point to one: Dream Sitch, a collaboration between frequent co-conspirators Michael Nau (Cotton Jones, Page France) and Seth Kauffman (Floating Action). The pair wrote, recorded, and mixed the self-titled debut for their new project remotely during quarantine; ten songs in just ten days. The release showcases the strength of both songwriters and multi-instrumentalists in a unique way, using their tools and talents to craft a beautiful album, so cohesive that it’s hard to imagine them working from afar. Officially out this Friday, December 4th, the vinyl comes as a co-release from labels PIAPTK (People In A Place To Know) and Org Music. Preorder your copy here.