Eric Slick: Palisades

We're thrilled to announce that we're bringing Palisades, the 2017 record from multi-instrumentalist/internet personality/wizard Eric Slick, back to vinyl! The album is steeped in psychedelia and often features a noticeably darker sound than his other work. Accented by reverb-drenched bursts of guitar and colorful synths, the record takes the listener on an introspective journey influenced by his experiences with meditation and dream therapy. The 8-song collection showcases Slick coming into his own as a songwriter, with Relix magazine calling it “sublime.” The record will be available widely on silver color vinyl (preorder now), along with a limited edition “Golden Eyeball” color pressing, exclusively from independent record stores on June 24th. 

Palisades Track List:
A1 You Became The Light
A2 The Dirge
A3 No
A4 Slow Burn
B1 Palisades
B2 You Are Not Your Mind
B3 Evergreen
B4 Into The Void