J. Marinelli: Putting the World to Rights

We are happy to announce Putting the World to Rights, the latest project from folk-punk one-man-band J. Marinelli! This full-length features a more fleshed-out sound than the majority of his vast discography, while keeping the DIY ethos intact and prevalent. Marinelli's tried and true lo-fi aesthetic is as effective as ever, invoking comparisons to Guided by Voices, Billy Childish, or The Magnetic Fields. The first single, "Are You Terrified?", is streaming now at all digital music outlets (listen below). 

Putting the World to Rights will be available on vinyl and digital formats beginning August 19th, courtesy of ORG Music. See below for the album track list and upcoming tour dates, and pre-order your copy now. International fans can get cheaper shipping options on our Bandcamp store, or by purchasing locally from a record store on August 19th. 

Track List:
Your Economy
Human Size
Cilium Plank
Are You Terrified?
Hate Your Freedom
Mostly Ghostly
Everything Begins
Where They'd Have Us
What Columbus Wants
Insider Art
Antifa Grandpa
Dinosaur Dan
Dopamine Dealer
The Year of Fucking Up
Worker & Parasite
J. Marinelli on tour:
June 2 - KAP 37 - Munich, Germany
June 3 - Zur Linde - Hof, Germany
 June 4 - Bessunger Knabenschule - Darmstadt, Germany

  June 5 - ALTER - Mannheim, Germany (free show)
June 8 - Zwille - Leipzig, Germany 

 June 9 - Kevin Brewery - Zwickau, Germany
June 10 - Galeria Lunar - Hanover, Germany
June 11 - Heile Welt -  Munster, Germany
 June 12 - Lou's Bar - Liege, Belgium
 June 15 - Emma 23 - Heilbronn, Germany
 June 16 - Quarterdeck  - Basel, Switzerland
June 17 - KOHI - Karlsruhe, Germany 
June 18  - Kommando Cup - Tübingen, Germany
June 19 - Juze - Bad Neustadt, Germany
June 30 - Galactic Panther - Alexandria, VA
July 1 - Sky Stage - Frederick, MD
 July 2 - 123 Pleasant Street - Morgantown, WV
 July 3 - Shred Shed - Pittsburgh, PA
July 7  - Short Story Brewing - Rivesville, WV
July 8 - Jack Caffrey Center for Arts & Culture - Welch, WV
July 9 - The Mountaineer Hotel Ballroom - Williamson, WV
July 10 - WTSQ - Charleston, WV

 July 30 - The Green Lantern Bar - Lexington, KY