Jack Irons: Dreamer's Ball EP

Dreamer's Ball is the latest release from Jack Irons. This EP features five new tracks showcasing his virtuosic drumming, accented with synths to create a unique sonic world. Jack had the following to say about the project:
"Dreamer’s Ball was recorded in 2021 for the most part. I usually start with drums tracks that inspire to take them further and hopefully create a piece of music from. Lots of experimenting goes into the time spent recording. I wouldn’t say I have a song or vision of the music when I get started, just an inkling that leads to the next sound and then the next. Dreamer’s Ball is the crazy world we live in.."
The EP was mixed by Jack with Alain Johannes, and artwork was done by Danae Irons. Out today digitally, this release will be followed by a second EP, which will be paired with Dreamer's Ball for a vinyl release in Spring 2023. Additionally, the music video for "Race Against Everything" is out now and was directed by Sophia Deininger.
1. Race Against Everything
2. Seeing the Light From Underwater
3. A Wave Unknowingly Rises
4. Compassion
5. Left the Building