Mike Martt: Tomorrow Shines Bright


We're honored to present the reissue and first ever vinyl pressing of Tomorrow Shines Bright by Mike Martt. The original idea for the release was brought to us by artist and friend of the label Josh Klinghoffer, so we feel it's most appropriate to share his words on the record and its significance to him:

"On November 11th of last year, we lost a guy I always knew by his first and last name, Mike Martt.  He was always Mike Martt.  I met Mike Martt through Bob Forrest in the late 1990’s when we put a little thing called Bicycle Thief together.  I say ‘little’ because it was essentially Bob and I.  We played with some wonderful people during our brief existence, but at its centre, was Bob and I.  When we met, I was 17.  Bob had a rich and storied musical past by the time I showed up.  One person Bob shared a close musical connection with was MIke Martt.  As usual, when I met people Bob used to play with, I assumed they were bewildered and put off by the inclusion of this ‘kid’ to the great group they’d all been a part of for years.  Mike Martt was one of the first people to make me feel more comfortable amongst this wonderful group of musicians and storytellers.  It wasn’t through anything he said, it was by him simply being Mike Martt.

When we lost Mike Martt a few months ago, I was made aware of a record he made about twenty years ago.  I was embarrassed to have never heard of it’s existence.  I suppose it’s not the first time wonderfully true and meaningful music made by an honest musical soul had passed by with little notice especially in these transitory times when how music is produced, distributed, and enjoyed is ever evolving and hard to keep up with.  

Through my lovely friends at Org Music, it’s my extreme pleasure to help bring Tomorrow Shines Bright by Mike Martt into your record collection.  This record was originally released in 2003 and I am inconsolably saddened by the fact that I’ll never get to tell Mike Martt how much I love and cherish these songs.  Hopefully by them having new life, Mike Martt will as well."

The release, which is limited to just 300 copies, will be available everywhere on June 7th and is up for preorder nowThe reissue package includes updated artwork by Nate Pottker, who’s also behind the lyric video for "Across The Pond," which you can view below.