Pluralone: Mother Nature EP

Surprise! Pluralone has a new digital EP coming out tomorrow, Thursday, April 22nd, in honor of Earth Day. The EP, "Mother Nature," includes two new versions of the song with the same name, featuring some incredible musicians you will undoubtedly be familiar with (see below for credits). Also included on the EP are 4 unreleased b-sides from the I Don't Feel Well sessions. You can hear "Mother Nature (re-recorded 2)" premiering now via SPIN. Check out what Josh Klinghoffer had to say about the upcoming EP:

"If someone said, ‘Mother Nature, thoughts?’ there are a few preposterous things that would come to mind,” Klinghoffer told SPIN. “One is how many people out there don’t take the damage we’re doing to our planet seriously. Another is that there are men out there (on that planet) who have abused women on trains. And the third, which explains the second, is that I have a song called ‘Mother Nature’ whose lyrics touch on both topics, and I’ve recorded it three times! One is on the album I put out last year, and two of them are being released on Earth Day on a digital EP of the same name. I got together with two different groups of friends and re-recorded versions of it for fun. Life can be preposterous, but music is fun.” 

See below for the full track list and song credits. Preorder your digital copy now!

Mother Nature (re-recorded 2)
Stretch The Truth
Green & Gold
Mother Nature (re-recorded 1)

Mother Nature (re-recorded 2) credits:
Eric Gardner - Drums
Clint Walsh - Guitar, lap steel
Eric Avery - Bass
Josh Klinghoffer - Acoustic Guitar, synth, vocals

Recorded at EastWest Studio 2 by Kody Reiners
Mixed by Andrew Scheps
Mastered by Dave Gardner

Mother Nature (re-recorded 1)  credits:
Jack Irons - Drums
Nick Reinhart - Guitars, backing vocals
Steve McDonald - Bass
Josh Klinghoffer - Piano, vocals

Recorded at EastWest Studio 3 by Steve McDonald
Mixed by Andrew Scheps
Mastered by Dave Gardner

All other tracks are b-sides from the I Don't Feel Well sessions, mastered by Dave Gardner.