Pluralone: This Is The Show

Pluralone, the project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Josh Klinghoffer, has announced a third studio album, This Is The Show, with the first single "Claw Your Way Out" coming to digital outlets tonight, January 26, at 9pm PST. 

This Is The Show was produced by Klinghoffer's Dot Hacker bandmate Clint Walsh, who also performs on the album, along with appearances from Eric Gardner (Dot Hacker) and Eric Avery (Jane's Addiction). 

The album is due out this March on digital and CD formats, with vinyl expected in August. All formats are available to preorder now, including a special clear vinyl pressing, limited to 500 copies. See the track list and credits for the album below.

1. The Fight For The Soul
2. Offend
3. Claw Your Way Out
4. Can't Put The Bullet Back In The Gun
5. Any More Alone
6. Elongate
7. Scape
8. A War Within
9. Wait For Me
10. Life Kills

Produced by Clint Walsh
Performed by Josh Klinghoffer & Clint Walsh
Songs by Josh Klinghoffer

Eric Avery - Bass on 3,5
Eric Gardner - Drums on 1,3,5,7
Vanessa Freebairn-Smith - Cello on 10

Mixed by Michael Craver
Fight For The Soul mixed by Andrew Scheps & Michael Craver
Offend & Can’t Put The Bullet Back In The Gun mixed by Andrew Scheps

Recorded by Michael Craver at Now Space, Eric Palmquist at Palmquist Studios, Clint Walsh at Scarboro Sound, and Kody Reiners at EastWest Studios

Additional engineering by Eric Gardner
Mastered by John Webber at AIR Studios

Managed by Sophie Spare & Mark Kates at Fenway Recordings

Design by Kate Johnston