Psing Psong Psung: Only Fan

Only Fan is the debut album from Psing Psong Psung, available on September 29, 2023. Preorder your copy now and check out the lead single, "This Thing Called Love," which is streaming everywhere.

Many years ago, Raymond Pettibon grew tired of sending original lyrics to Mike Bloomfield’s Super Session but not getting a reply. So he started his own “Super Session”, assembling a band, giving them dozens of original lyrics to craft into rock songs. Raymond later changed the band name to Psing Psong Psung.

The band’s sound is built around the infectious melodies of singer/guitarist Ricky Sepulveda.  Obvious and barely detectable influences include Arthur Lee of the band Love, 60’s crooners, pro football player/wrestler Wahoo McDaniel, the Bobby Fuller Four, Kevin Ayers and the blunt edge of celebrity. As a trio, often opening for fIREHOSE, the band played shows in various L.A. clubs- Al’s Bar, Raji’s, Club Lingerie, The Gaslight, Bogart’s and others; all of which have since gone out of business. Psing Psong Psung did not.

Several years later, with the generous encouragement of Mike Watt and Pete Mazich, the band recorded Only Fan in the harbor town of San Pedro, CA at their Casa Hanzo Studio. Mazich recorded and produced the album. Raul Morales of Watt’s Missingmen played percussion and Vince Meghrouni played sax. Ricky plays D. Boon’s Telecaster guitar on "This Thing Called Love". The album will be available on transparent red vinyl LP, CD, and digital formats.

The band performed at the event “Raymond Pettibon, Whoever Shows: Strike Uyp th’ Band!” at the New Museum NYC in 2019. They will perform in the autumn  of 2023 and throughout 2024. Check out the full tracklist below for Only Fan.

A1 B.I.B.L.E (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)
A2 Pip of a Pipe
A3 Hair
A4 Sinatra
A5 Goodbye Baby
B1 What is This Thing Called Love
B2 Awahoo
B3 Bobby Darin
B4 Morrison Blues
B5 Roll Jackson Roll