Sagittaire: Lovely Music

We are delighted to announce the physical release of Sagittaire's Lovely Music! The record chronicles the early days of Ivan Mairesse’s Sagittaire project, pulling from material written between 2015 and 2017 in San Francisco, where Mairesse recorded the album before moving back to his hometown of Los Angeles. Mairesse takes an introspective approach to songwriting on Lovely Music, juxtaposing dark lyrics with lush pop arrangements and a tender vocal delivery. Originally self-released in 2020 solely in digital form, the album gets a new life with this vinyl release, a joint venture between Org Music and Aquarium Drunkard. The record is available for preorder on yellow vinyl here!

A1 I Know Where I'm Going
A2 Desert Shore
A3 Say Something Nice
A4 Doo Doo Doo
B1 Age of 9
B2 Garden So Slow
B3 Call Me Closer
B4 Quiet One
B5 Lovely Music