Steady Hand Records

We are happy to announce that we are teaming up with Steady Hand Records to present three unique releases for Summer 2022 and beyond. Operating in Los Angeles since 2016, Steady Hand has been a single-person labor of love, dedicated to showcasing otherworldly music via small batches of cassette tapes. The collaboration with ORG Music allows for a more expansive approach, presenting high quality LPs which include debut albums, first time vinyl reissues of beloved underground records, and specialty elements such as multi-media books of art and writing. What the two labels share is an emphasis on a unique product. Whether it’s a first time listen to an excavated rarity with a stunning backstory, or a new, hi-fi version of a favorite album that makes it sound like you’re actually in the room, ORG Music and Steady Hand Records work hard to bring their passion for music and the stories of the artists who make it to the lives of listeners around the world.

The first project we are announcing for the collaboration is the new multi-media project Screeches, Scribbles, and Scrawls by Jowe Head (Swell Maps, Television Personalities, and more). Jowe was a fundamental force in the London art rock scene and stands out as a fearlessly creative innovator. Throughout this project chaos, mystery, and introspective emotion unfold to paint a picture of an artist who has lived a storied life on the cutting edge of underground culture. The physical release features a 50+ page book of drawings and words to accompany the record. This comprehensive release covers a remarkably expansive map of the world that Jowe Head has to offer. Presented by ORG Music, Steady Hand Records, and Nick Flessa, Screeches, Scribbles, and Scrawls is out everywhere on 8/5/2022. Pre-order now from Steady Hand Records.