Sugar Candy Mountain: Impression

We're thrilled to announce that ORG Music will be releasing Sugar Candy Mountain's upcoming album, Impression, on both vinyl and CD formats (which you can pre-order here). Written mostly during an extended camping trip to escape the blazing 2020 California wildfires, and recorded in quarantine due to the global pandemic, Impression is a carousel ride through time with the Bonnie & Clyde of psych-pop, where classic meets contemporary. Sugar Candy Mountain gallops seamlessly from tripped out Tropicália, Shuggie Otis inspired grooves, kaleidoscopic psych jams, classic 70's reverie, and nods to krautrock without ever skipping a beat. 

The good folks at MXDWN are premiering the music video for the album's first single, "Running From Fire," today and had some great things to say about the video, and the band. Read a quote from the write up below, and scroll down to check out the fantastic video.

"The video is a psychedelic adventure in California’s barren hinterlands, the two band members playing the song as the video is edted with dazzling visuals and perspective experimentation. The song is built around a thudding bassline and lead singer Ash Reiter’s mesmerizingly sweet vocal style. The guitar arrangements are sparse but when they enter the mix, they’re very impactful. The verse incorporates a slinky guitar riff that twists around the chantlike vocals. In the chorus as Ash sings the titular line, “I’m running / From fire” the guitar is no more than chord strums heavily cloaked in surf-rock style reverb."