Insects vs. Robots



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Venice Beach California’s Insects vs. Robots have been carving out an experimental and boundary-less musical vision since 2008. The band is known for their high-energy live shows and unique visual universe. The band has shared the stage with Neil Young, Jack White, Tinariwen, Primus, and Willie Nelson, among many others. Their latest album, Theyllkillya, was recorded at Hen House Studios in Venice Beach, mastered by Bernie Grundman, and pressed at Pallas in Germany.

1. TheyllKillYaa 6:21
2. Infection (Time Grows Thin) 6:06
3. Become A Crow 4:49
4. Matilda's Galavant 3:51
5. Fukushima 5:48
6. Nothing 3:52
7. Ole Lukøje 10:28