Richard Lloyd

Lodestones Transparent Orange Color LP


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Guitar legend and Television co-founder Richard Lloyd has had a profound influence on rock & roll, with people like Jeff Tweedy citing Lloyd as his “musical hero”. Yet Lloyd’s solo career has somehow largely been overlooked and under-appreciated.With the release of his critically acclaimed 2017 memoir, Everything is Combustable, there is a renewed interest in his post-Television work. Perhaps the most obscure of his solo releases is Lodestones, an album that was released in 2010 only as a digital download. That album came to vinyl with this 2018 pressing.


  1. The Knockdown
  2. Secret Words
  3. King Of Fools
  4. Fooling
  5. Lowdown
  6. Already Gone
  7. Highway Signs
  8. I Will Show You Mine
  9. Shimmer
  10. Oh Paige

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