Mother Nature EP


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  1. Mother Nature (re-recorded 2)
  2. Stretch The Truth
  3. Green & Gold
  4. Wile
  5. Remembered
  6. Mother Nature (re-recorded 1)

Mother Nature (re-recorded 2) credits:
Eric Gardner - Drums
Clint Walsh - Guitar, lap steel 
Eric Avery - Bass
Josh Klinghoffer - Acoustic Guitar, synth, vocals

Recorded at EastWest Studio 2 by Kody Reiners
Mixed by Andrew Scheps
Mastered by Dave Gardner

Mother Nature (re-recorded 1) credits: 
Jack Irons - Drums
Nick Reinhart - Guitars, backing vocals 
Steve McDonald - Bass
Josh Klinghoffer - Piano, vocals 

Recorded at EastWest Studio 3 by Steve McDonald
Mixed by Andrew Scheps 
Mastered by Dave Gardner

All other tracks are b-sides from the 'I Don't Feel Well' sessions, and were mastered by Dave Gardner.
Artwork by  Kate J. Elkan.

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