Howling Book


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Howling Book is the final studio album from Los Angeles band Eleven. Made up of multi-instrumentalists Alain Johannes and Natasha Shneider trading off lead vocals, the trio is rounded out by Jack Irons (RHCP, Pearl Jam) on drums. The record’s moody, groove heavy sound features bluesy guitar work and powerhouse vocal performances throughout that come together for a distinct blend of hard rock. The album will finally be available on vinyl for the first time in celebration of its 20th anniversary,  spread across two LPs in a gatefold jacket, featuring three previously unreleased bonus tracks. The reissue is out on December 1, 2023.

A1  Show Me Something
A2  Flow Like a River
A3  Simple Kiss
A4 You're My Diamond
B1 Kill Me No More
B2 Now is the Word
B3 Howling Book
B4 All My Friends
C1 Three Voices
C2  Hidden
C3 No, I Know
C4 I Will Drink It All
D1 This Little Finger *
D2 Don't Get Me Down *
D3 Rosebleed *
* Bonus track

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