History of Taper's Choice Vol. 1 (Taper's Choice)
History of Taper's Choice Vol. 1 (Taper's Choice)

Taper's Choice

History of Taper's Choice Vol. 1 (Taper's Choice)


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History of Taper’s Choice Vol. 1 (Taper’s Choice) is the first official release from ascendent jam band titans Taper’s Choice. Comprised of Alex Bleeker (Real Estate), Dave Harrington (DARKSIDE), Chris Tomson (Vampire Weekend), and Zach Tenorio-Miller (Arc Iris), the collective came out of the gate fully formed and have made their rounds stunning audiences across the U.S. from the get-go. This 14-track release is constructed from live performances, studio sessions, and demos to demonstrate their wizardry to the masses once and for all, as they take their rightful place on the throne in the pantheon of jam.
The band’s first ever vinyl release comes housed in an opulent die cut jacket, peeking through to an inner sleeve that features an autostereogram, along with liner notes from journalist extraordinaire and Taper’s devotee Jeff Weiss.
A1 Doner Wrap
A2 Let Your Eyes Adjust To The Light
A3 Darkness On The Edge Of Midtown
A4 Lilac Palace (Intro)
A5 Hieronymus Bong
A6 Lick The Toad
A7 Pelt
A8 Lick The Toad (Reprise)
B1 You Can’t Make A Rainbow
B2 21 Miles
B3 Type III
B4 The Judas Window
B5 Running From The Rain
B6 Walking Around (Outro)