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LOTERIA is a unique compilation album for 2022, featuring 55 artists, assigned at random into 14 brand new bands, tasked with producing original music from their home studios while in lockdown. Mike Watt, Amber Webber (Lightning Dust), Geza X, Gitane Demone (Christian Death), Victor Krummenacher (Camper Van Beethoven), Quazar (Quazar and the Bamboozled) and many others joined forces to combat the ennui of isolation and keep collaborative music alive, at a time when gathering in person wasn't possible. This collection splits 14 original songs over 2 LPs, and every card's a winner. Vinyl purchase includes digital download, emailed to customers on release day. More info on the release can be found here.

Track Listing
1. Are We The Weather - Why You Know
2. BlindSpell - Blindspell
3. Job's Robe - El Nopal
4. I'm Gonna Stop - Quazar and the Bamboozled
5. Astro-Tidal Drift - The Blind Insects
6. The Suckerboy Lotto - Suckerboys
7. Synthetic Love - The Innocent
8. There Goes The Neighborhood - Morning Jackhammers
9. Back From The Abyss - Strike On Box
10. Static Memoir - Doctors We Trust
11. Kinky Bitch - Geza X
12. Theme From LADMO - The Legendary Curtains
13. Paradise Is Mine - ÁFIDO
14. Toad Liquor - Whistle Pig

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