William Hooker

Shamballa (Duets with Thurston Moore and Elliott Sharp)


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Shamballa is the 1993 collaboration from jazz drummer William Hooker, Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), and composer Elliott Sharp. The release features Hooker performing duets with each musician. Hooker and Moore’s performance is littered with bursts of feedback and distortion, while the collaboration with Sharp is characterized by a more electronic sound, building a sense of technology. The pieces were released on vinyl for the first time as a double LP for Record Store Day 2023, limited to 1,500 copies.

Side 1 "First Meeting"
A1 Sirius Part 1 - Wheels
B1 Sirius Part 2 - Wings

Side 2 "Continuous - Time ... Consciousness."
A1 The Hat... And Its Train (part 1)
B1 The Hat... And Its Train (part 2)

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