Earth Creature
Earth Creature

Boobie Knight & The Universal Lady

Earth Creature


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Earth Creature by Boobie Knight & The Universal Lady is a vibrant and soulful album that encapsulates the essence of 1970s funk and soul. Originally released on Brunswick Records' subsidiary Dakar Records in 1974, the album features a dynamic fusion of groovy rhythms, horn sections, and Boobie Knight's charismatic vocals, driven by heavy psychedelic fuzz guitar. With its rich instrumentation and spirited performances, it stands as a testament to the funk era's enduring influence. Tracks from the record have been famously sampled by artists such as Outkast, N.W.A., and 50 Cent, among others. Previously out of print for decades, it has been remastered and pressed on both black and sunkissed color vinyl, complete with its iconic risqué cover artwork.


A1 Feeling My Cheerios 
A2 Burn The Saturday Night Fever 
A3 April 
A4 Power Greater Than Man 
A5 Somebody Touch Me (In The Right Place) 
B1 Flaming Youth 
B2 Ain't Nobody Betta Dan You 
B3 A Woman Will Make You Love 
B4 The Lovemaniacs
B5 Earth Creature