A Frenzy Of Dance Music
A Frenzy Of Dance Music

Hog Wild!

A Frenzy Of Dance Music


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The irrepressible Sandra Boynton brings you eleven all-out musical tracks, in a dizzying array of dance styles. And her original songs are performed here by the best of the best: The ever-wonderful Kristen Bell urges everyone to just “Dance It Out”. Samuel L. Jackson stomps his captivating way through “Tyrannosaurus Funk”. The smoldering Patrick Wilson channels Elvis in the rockabilly “Hog Wild” title track. Stanley Tucci is the impossibly frenetic caller of the “Rat Race”. Five For Fighting goes full-on big band era with a stunning slow-build/big-finish “Swing Thing.” And when’s the last time you heard Laura Linney and “Weird Al” Yankovic perform a track together? Here they give you the electronic sci-fi “Robot Dance”, which Mr. Yankovic suddenly turns into a Broadway tap dance number. All this and so much more.

Instruments mostly recorded at Southern Ground in Nashville, played by these superb musicians: Kenny Vaughan, electric guitar; Viktor Krauss, upright and electric bass; Michael Ford, piano and keyboards; Jim Hoke, pedal steel and saxes; Fred Eltringham, drums. Produced by Sandra Boynton, mixed by Boynton & Ford, mastered by the legendary Bob Ludwig.

Hog Wild! is Boynton’s sixth album, created with long-time writing partner, Michael Ford. Their celebrated albums have sold over 3 million copies, and have garnered a Grammy nomination, two Gold record albums and one Platinum (Philadelphia Chickens.)

This is their first release on vinyl, with a sturdy full-color gatefold sleeve designed and illustrated by Boynton. Includes all the lyrics. Deluxe 180g black vinyl, pressed by Furnace Pressing.


  1. Dance It Out (featuring Kristen Bell)    
  2. Tyrannosaurus Funk (featuring Samuel L. Jackson)    
  3. Hog Wild (featuring Patrick Wilson)    
  4. Robot Dance (featuring Laura Linney & "Weird Al” Yankovic)    
  5. Ducks in a Row (featuring Scott Bakula)    
  6. City    (featuring Falls Mountain Cowboys & Caitlin McEwan)    
  7. C-a-T (featuring Darcy Boynton)
  8. And Oh I Love You So (featuring Raùl Esparza & Madeleine Lodge)
  9. Swing Thing (featuring Five for Fighting)
  10. Rat Race (featuring Stanley Tucci)
  11. Easy (featuring Mark Lanegan)