Putting The World To Rights
Putting The World To Rights

J Marinelli

Putting The World To Rights


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Putting the World to Rights is the latest album from folk-punk one-man-band J. Marinelli. This full-length features a more fleshed-out sound than the majority of his vast discography, while keeping the DIY ethos intact and prevalent. Marinelli's tried and true lo-fi aesthetic is as effective as ever, invoking comparisons to Guided by Voices, Billy Childish, or The Magnetic Fields. Putting the World to Rights will be available on vinyl and digital formats beginning August 19th, courtesy of Org Music.

A1 Your Economy
A2 Human Size
A3 Cilium Plank
A4 Are You Terrified?
A5 Hate Your Freedom
A6 Mostly Ghostly
A7 Everything Begins
B1 Where They'd Have Us
B2 What Columbus Wants
B3 Insider Art
B4 Antifa Grandpa
B5 Dinosaur Dan
B6 Dopamine Dealer
B7 The Year of Fucking Up
B8 Worker & Parasite

Album Release Date is August 19th