American Dreamer
American Dreamer

Jeremy and the Harlequins

American Dreamer


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This 10-song debut album from one of Brooklyn's finest rock 'n' roll bands lives up to the expectations set by their previous EP. The arrangements here are simple and uncluttered, with plenty of room for singer Jeremy Fury to dip his vocals in slapback echo reminiscent of Sun Records-era Elvis Presley, and for the backing quartet to bring out the best in songs that reflect the influences of Leiber & Stoller, Eddie Cochran, and The Del-Lords. While the sound retains a '50's-'60s retro vibe, the lyrics apply themselves to universal and even modern concerns.


Track Listing:
1. Trip Into The Light
2. Heart Of Stone
3. Cam Girl
4. Right Out Of Love
5. Some Days
6. Moonlight
7. White Star Bright Love
8. Settle Down
9. You’re My Halo
10. Sunlight In The Rain