Jimmy Sweeney

Without You


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The story of this compilation begins with a decades old myth; the "mystery singer" on a 10" acetate demo played to Elvis by Sam Phillips in June of 1954. Phillips, who was unable to ascertain the name of the singer, asked Elvis to sing the song as a debut record. The young, unknown Elvis was daunted by the performance. After attempting to record the song, Elvis felt he could not do it justice, and went on to record “That's All Right”. The demo's existence became an urban myth. The singer was finally identified as Jimmy Sweeney in early 2017 by writer Chris Kennedy, whose suspicions were confirmed by multiple sources, including Jimmy's daughter Eugenia. Sweeney’s masterpiece will finally be released under his own name on this compilation. In addition to “Without You”, the album features some of Sweeney’s best recordings, many of which were never released to the public.

A1 Without You
A2 Deep Blues
A3 I Pay With Every Breath
A4 It Wouldn’t Be The Same
(Without You)
A5 Desire
A6 Danny Boy
A7 Don’t Come In Here
A8 Tobacco Road
B1 Gonna Find My Sweetheart
B2 Flippity Flop
B3 Sick, Sick, Sick
B4 She Wears My Ring
B5 Where You Lead Me
B6 Lunch In A Bucket
B7 Afraid
B8 What’cha Gonna Do About Me
B9 Deacon Brown