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Twenty-six years after The Minutemen's landmark Double Nickels on the Dime, Watt returns to the familiar punk and jazz influenced sound he and his band made famous. This time, it's more refined and more mature without lacking any of the energy or urgency of yesteryear. Hyphenated-Man features thirty songs in 47 minutes with Watt on bass, his deep baritone singing melodies and reciting spoken word while the Missingmen (Raul Morales and Tom Watson) wail on drums and guitar.

A1 Arrow-Pierced-Egg-Man
A2 Beak-Holding-Letter-Man
A3 Hammering-Castle-Bird-Man
A4 Bird-In-The-Helmet-Man
A5 Belly-Stabbed-Man
A6 Stuffed-In-The-Drum-Man
A7 Baby-Cradling-Tree-Man
A8 Hollowed-Out-Man
A9 Finger-Pointing-Man
A10 Own-Horn-Blowing-Man
A11 Fryingpan-Man
A12 Head-And-Feet-Only-Man
A13 Shield-Shouldered-Man
A14 Cherry-Head-Lover-Man
A15 Pinned-To-The-Table-Man
B1 Mouse-Headed-Man
B2 Antlered-Man
B3 Confused-Parts-Man
B4 Bell-Rung-Man
B5 Boot-Wearing-Fish-Man
B6 Thistle-Headed-Man
B7 Funnel-Capped-Man
B8 Blowing-It-Out-Both-Ends-Man
B9 Jug-Footed-Man
B10 Lute-And-Dagger-Man
B11 Mockery-Robed-Man
B12 Hill-Man
B13 Hell-Building-Man
B14 Man-Shitting-Man
B15 Wheel-Bound-Man