Mike Watt

Contemplating The Engine Room


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Mike Watt’s second album features Nels Cline on guitar and Stephen Hodges on drums. The album is finally receiving its first ever vinyl pressing with this double LP, a full 20 years after the album’s release. Pressed on two 180gram vinyl LPs, featuring three full sides of music, and a custom vinyl etching on the 4th side. This pressing, which comes a full 20 years after the album’s release, is the first time these recordings have made it to vinyl. The release includes a bonus download card featuring an entire unreleased live show, Contemplating the Engine Room: Live in Long Beach ‘98 – Five Man Opera.

Track List:
A1 In The Engine Room
A2 Red Bluff
A3 The Bluejackets' Manual
A4 Pedro Bound!
A5 The Boilerman
B1 Black Gang Coffee
B2 Topsiders
B3 No One Says Old Man (To The Old Man)
B4 Fireman Hurley
B5 Liberty Calls!
C1 In The Bunk Room/Navy Wife
C2 Crossing The Equator
C3 Breaking The Choke Hold
C4 Wrapped Around The Screw
C5 Shore Duty