Sonhos Secretos Transparent Orange Vinyl LP. Album Art depicts an colorful artists rendition of a music festival.
Sonhos Secretos Black Vinyl LP. Album Art depicts an colorful artists rendition of a music festival.

Various Artists

Sonhos Secretos


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From the rare and obscure to the unknown, producer Tee Cardaci mines eleven genre-spanning gems produced during the waning days of Brazil's military dictatorship, recorded by a new emerging class of artists operating outside of the major label system. Sonhos Secretos, or Secret Dreams in English, alludes to the quiet aspirations of those that made these independent and privately released seven-inches as well as to the fact that many of these records have long remained essentially a secret. It's also, to some extent, a reference to a certain dream-like quality that permeates this collection. While the songs featured here can all can be housed under the blanket term, MPB (Música Popular Brasileira or Brazilian Popular Music), they also contain, to varying degrees, elements of jazz, soul, folk, prog, baroque rock and shimmering pop. This unique compilation, presented by reissue specialists Org Music and online audio journal Aquarium Drunkard, includes a fold-out insert with artist interviews and additional liner notes by Brazilian music scholar Allen Thayer. The audio was restored and mastered by award winning engineer Dave Gardner.

Side A
Quintais - Donos da Noite
Jorge Bahiense, Ricardo Luiz - Por Teu Nome
Luiz Sérgio Cruz & Moacyr Luz - Tamares
Grupo Moxotó - Rainha dos Conflitos
Carlos Souto - Sinal Fechado
Marcello Lessa - Azulão
Side B
Filó Machado - Trem Fantasma
Renato Faver - Espantalho
Mauricio Herdy - Amor de Verão
Hilton Barcelos - Confissões de Um Retrato Falado
Quintais - Pastores da Noite

Album Release Date is August 4th 2023