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In 1989, the Ukrainian band Vopli Vidopliassova, darlings of the Soviet punk scene, released a semi-official cassette tape called Tantsi (“Dances”). The album contained songs in both Ukrainian and Russian and was recorded in one night, at an adrenaline-fueled DIY session in Kyiv. It was intended by the band members to be nothing more than a demo tape. But soon fans started dubbing the cassette, and for connoisseurs of Soviet punk, the recording quickly gained cult status for its nervy and often hilarious songs poking fun at life in the last years of the USSR. In 2019, the original session tape was re-discovered, and in 2023, Tantsi finally gets its first official release. Featuring the original album fully re-mastered plus some rare bonus tracks, Tantsi is a time capsule from late Soviet Kyiv, where Ukrainian punks were rebelling against the repressive rule from the Kremlin, and imagining new horizons of possibility. Tantsi was released on vinyl for the first time for Record Store Day 2023, limited to 2,000 copies worldwide.
A1 Tantsi
A2 Ia Letel
A3 Olia
A4 Makhatma
A5 Krakoviak-Rock
A6 Tovarish Maior
A7 Politrok
A8 Naliahai
B1 Polonyna
B2 Buly Den'ki
B3 Muzika
B4 Rassvet
B5 Kolyskova
B6 Hey! Liubo!